Viking Repair Parts

Repair parts for Viking Gas Grills

Viking 4 Outlet Battery Operated Spark generator. Fits Viking Grill Models: BQCO53T1, DVGBQ3002RT, DVGBQ4103RT, DVGBQ4122RT, DVGBQ5304RT, DVGBQ5323RT, QSC41, VGBQ030-2T, VGBQ0302T, VGBQ3002RT, VGBQ4103RT, VGBQ4122RT, VGBQ5304RT, VGBQ532T.
$41.63 $52.04
Viking Electrode includes adapter wire to convert wide male spade connector to standard male spade connector Fits Viking Grill Models: VBQ4103RE, VGBQ3002RE, VGBQ3002RT, VGBQ4103RT, VGBQ4122RE, VGBQ4122RT, VGBQ5304RE, VGBQ5304RT, VGBQ532RE, VGBQ532RT, VGBQ53624, VGBQ54224, VGBQ55424, VGIb151, VGIB242, VGIQ300, VGIQ410, VGIQ530, VGIQ532.
$15.71 $19.64
Viking Wire with Two Female Spade Connectors. Fits Viking Gas Grill Models : VGBQ4103RE, VGIB151.  
$3.90 $4.88