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Fire Magic Repair Parts

$8.42 $10.53  
Fire Magic Control Knob. Fits Fire Magic Grill Models: Custom, Regal, Gourmet .    

$33.76 $42.20  
Fire Magic Electrode and Collector Box with Wire. Fits Fire Magic Grill Models: 11-B1C3N-0, 11-B1SNA-A, 11-51C3N-0, 11-S1SNA-A, 12-S1S1N-A, 12-S2S1N-A, 13-S1S1N-A,13-S2S1N-A, 14-S1S1N-A, 14S2S1N-A, 15-S1S1N-A, 15-S2S1N-A, 17-S2S1N-A, 1V-S2S1N-A, 21-S1C3N-26, 21-S1S1N-26, 21-S1S1N-86,...

$31.96 $39.95  
Fire Magic Grill Replacement Gas Valve. Fits Fire Magic Models: Coming Soon

$3.36 $4.20  
Fire Magic Adaptor Wire with Female Round and Male Spade Connectors.