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Silver Chef Repair Parts

$26.26 $32.83  
Silver Chef Spark Generator With One Outlet. Fits Silver chef  Gas Grill Model: 4551-54R,4551-57R,4551-64R,4551-67R,4551-74R,4551-77R.    

$11.02 $13.77  
 Replacement Silver Chef Heat  Indicator . Fits Silver Chef Gas Grill Models : 4551-54R, 4551-54S, 4551-57R, 4451-57S, 4551-64R, 4551-64S, 4551-67R, 4551-67S. 1 3/8 x 1 7/8  

$8.06 $10.07  
Silver Chef  and electrode assembly. Includes burner mounted box with mounting screw, ceramic electrode, and wire with round connector and protective sleeve. Use with two-piece H burners. Fits Silver Chef Grill Models : 4551-54R,4551-57R,4551-64R,4551-67R,4551-74R,4551-77R.