Fiesta Repair Parts

Fiesta battery powered spark generator with 4 outlets used on grills with electronic ignitors. Fits Charbroil Grill Models: FGF50069-U420,FGF50069-U404,FGF50069-U40,FGF50069-103,FG50069NG,FG50069LP,FG50069-U411,FG50069-U409,FG50069-U401,FG50069,Blue Ember FG50069NG,Blue Ember FG50069LP.
$30.34 $37.92
Fiesta Burner Mount Electrode with Round Connector Wire. Used with our Burner MC19002.  
$9.79 $12.24
Fiesta Control knob  D = 6. 8mm socket; 23⁄16” dia. Fits Fiesta Gas Grills Models : Blue Ember FG50069LP, Blue Ember FG50069NG,FG50069, FG50069-U401, FG50069-U409, FG50069-U411, FG50069LP, FG50069NG.  
$12.29 $15.36
Fiesta Electrode with Bracket and Round Connector Wire. Fits Models Numbers: Blue Ember,Blue EmberFG50069LP,Blue EmberFG50069LPNG,FG500057-103,FG50057-703NG,FG50069,FG50069-U401,FG50069-U409,FG50069-U411,FG50069LP,FG50069NG,FGD50067-101,FGF50069-103,FGF50069-U40,FGF50069-U404,FGF50069-U420,FGG50057-101,FGQ65079-102,FGQ65079-103,FGQ65079-U412,G500069-103.  
$9.34 $11.67
Fiesta Piezo Spark Generator with hex mounting nut. Fits Models Numbers: BP26025-101.
$8.32 $10.40
Fiesta piezo plunger with hex mounting nut and external ground usable as a ground or to conduct charge to a secondary electrode in grills with a side-burner. Fits Feista Gas Grill Models : BP26040-BL423,BP26040, 6002SLPE.
$8.78 $10.97