Vermont Burner-mount electrode. Mounts to flange on underside of burner. Fits Vermont Grill Models:  
$5.85 $7.31
Vermont Casting  Stainless Steel Pipe Burner. Fits Vermont Casting Grill Models: CF9030, CF9050, CF9055 3A, CF9055 3B, CF9056, CF9080, CF9085, CF9085 3A, CF9085 3B, CF9086, Experience, Extreme, Extreme Built-in, Extreme Limited Edition, Marvel, Sizzler, Sizzler Bult-in , VC30, VC3505, VC500, VCS3000, VCS3500BI, VCS3505, VCS3505BI, VCS4000, VCS4005, VCS4005C, VCS4006, VCS4106, VCS500, VCS5000, VCS5000BI, VCS5005, VCS5005BI, VCS5006, VCS5006BI, VCS5010, VCS5016, VCS5026, VCS5036, VCS6005, VCS6006, VM400, VM400XBP, VM400XVP, VM406, VM448, VM450, VM450SSP, VM450SSP, VM456, VM508, VM600, VM600VSP, VM606, VM658, VSC5005BI, VSC5010....
$35.23 $44.04
Vermont Casting  Stainless Steel Pipe Burner. Fits Vermont Casting Grill Models: VM448, VM508,VN658. Dimensions: 17 x 1”
$33.10 $41.38
Vermont  Casting Gloss Cast Iron Cooking Grids.(Set of 2) Fits Vermont Casting Gas Grill Models: CF9030,Sizzler, Sizzler Built-in, VC400A, VCS3006, VCS3505, VCS3506, VCS3505B1, VM400, VM400XBP, VM406. Dimensions: 22 3/4 x 16 1/2
$122.46 $153.07
Vermont Casting Steel Rock Grate. Fits Vermont  Models: 8000 Series,  VC0620P, VC0680N. Dimensions: 20” x 12 3/4”
$21.43 $30.61
Vermont Castings Gloss Cast Iron Cooking Grids. Fits Vermont Castings  Gas Grills Models: CF9050,CF90553A,CF90553B, CF9056,CF9080,CF9085,CF90853A,CF90853B,CF9086, Experience,  Extreme,  Extreme Built-in, Extreme Limited Edition,Marvel,VC100A,VC100B,VC100C,VC200A,VC200B,VC200C, VC200D,VC200E, VC30,VC400A,VC400B,VC400C,VC400D,VC50A,VC50B,VC500,VC75A,VC75B, VCS3000,VCS3006,VCS3500BI. Dimensions: 16 3/8  X 9 1/8
$69.67 $87.09
Vermont Castings Stainless Steel Heat Plate. Fits Vermont Castings Grill Models: CF9030,CF9050,CF90553A,CF90553B, CF9056,CF9080,CF9085,CF90853A,CF90853B,CF9086, Experience, Extreme,Extreme Built-in, Extreme Limited Edition,Marvel,Sizzler,Sizzler Built-In,VC30, VC3505,VC500, VCS3000, VCS3006,VCS3500BI,VCS3505,VCS3505BI,VCS3506,VCS4000,VCS4005,VCS4005C,VCS4006,VCS4106,VCS500,VCS5000 ,VCS5000BI,VCS5005,VCS5005BI,VCS5006, VCS5006BI,VCS5010,VCS5016,VCS5026,VCS5036,VCS6005,VCS6006,VM400,VM400XBP, VM400XVP, VM406,VM448,VM450,VM45055P,VM450SSP,VM456. Dimensions: 7 1/4 x 14 1/2
$41.39 $51.74
Vermont  Wire with Two Female Spade Connectors. Fits Vermont Gas Grills Models: Experience, Extreme,VCS3000,VCS4000,VCS4005,VCS5000,VM400,VM406,VM450,VM45055P,VM456, VM600,VM606.  
$3.90 $4.88