Adjustable High Pressure Regulator-1200-00

Adjustable High Pressure Regulator-1200-00 

ITEM #: H1200-00

Price: $23.99

Suitable for liquid or vapor service, the 1200-00 series of high pressure (pounds to pounds) regulators are used for a variety of applications, torches, heaters, flame cultivators appliances. etc. All types within the series have a 1/4 inch FNPT side outlet in which a pressure gauge can be installed. The compact size of the 1200-00 makes it particularly useful on installations where space is limited.No special tools are required to service the units , and they can remain in the line should maintenance or repair work to be needed. Specs.:

  • Capacity: 750,000 BTUs.
  • 1/4" Inlet.
  • 1/4"" Outlet.
  • Output Pressure: 0-30 PSI(preset at 20 PSI.
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