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Silver Chef Stainless Steel Burner & Venture Kit-18202-78202

ITEM #: MC18202-78202

$82.90   $66.32
Silver Chef  Stainless Steel Infinity Burner and Venturi kit. Replaces Broil King Super 8 Infinity Burner and Venturi Part# 10390-T501. Fits... More

Silver Chef Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grids-64362

ITEM #: MC64362

$114.95   $91.96
Silver Chef  Replacement Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grids. Fits Silver Chef Models:... More

Silver Chef Stainless Steel Heat Plate-94881

ITEM #: MC94881

$79.95   $63.96
Silver Chef  Stainless Steel Heat Plate. Fits Silver Chef  Models:  4551-54R,4551-57R,4551-64R,4551-67R,4551-74R,4551-77R.... More

Silver Chef Spark Generator-03310

ITEM #: MC03310

$30.95   $24.76
Silver Chef Spark Generator With One Outlet. Fits Silver chef  Gas Grill Model: 4551-54R,4551-57R,4551-64R,4551-67R,4551-74R,4551-77R.... More

Silver Chef Ignitor Electrode-04200

ITEM #: MC04200

$9.49   $7.59
Silver Chef  and electrode assembly. Includes burner mounted box with mounting screw, ceramic electrode, and wire with round connector and protective... More

Silver Chef Heat Indicator -00474

ITEM #: MC00474

$11.95   $9.56
 Replacement Silver Chef Heat  Indicator . Fits Silver Chef Gas Grill Models : 4551-54R, 4551-54S, 4551-57R, 4451-57S, 4551-64R,... More
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