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Outdoor Gourmet Repair Parts

$24.76 $30.95  
Outdoor Gourmet 4-Outlet Battery Powered Spark Generator with 4 outlets Used on Grills with Electronic Ignitors. Fits Outdoor Gourmet Grill Models: B070E4-A,BO9LB1-32.

$5.56 $6.95  
Outdoor Gourmet  Battery Powered Spark Generator's Wire to connect Electrode to the Spark Generator. Fits Outdoor Gourmet  Gas Grills : B070E4-A,BO9LB1-32.

$27.96 $34.95  
Outdoor Gourmet Spark Generator With 3-Outlets. Fits Outdoor Gourmet Gas Grill Models: GD430,CG3023E.  

$31.96 $39.95  
Outdoor Gourmet 6-Outlet Spark Generator, Accepts Remote Trigger Switch. Fits Outdoor Gourmet Gas Grill: SRGG51103,SRGG51103A.  

$5.19 $6.49  
Outdoor Gourmet Burner Mount Electrode for use with Burners 10221 and 16231 Fits Outdoor Gourmet Grill Models: BQ04022, BQ04024, BQ06W1B. .  

$9.99 $12.49  
Outdoor Gourmet Heat Indicator . 3" Dia.

$10.36 $12.95  
Outdoor Gourmet Heat Indicator with Two Mounting Studs Offset 1 1/2" Center-to-Center Fits Outdoor Gourmet  Models: BQ06043-1. Dimension: 2 15/16 x 1 7/8

$26.36 $32.95  
Outdoor Gourmet  6-Outlet Battery Powered Spark Generator with 6 male spade connectors .Uses a Single AA Battery (not included). Fits 7/8" mounting Hole. Fits Models Number : B09SMG1-3F,B10SR10-C.