Other Accessories

Condiment Bottle Set

ITEM #: CC2000

$8.99   $6.99
Condiment Bottle Set.Retro Design, condiment squeeze bottles. Set of 3 16 OZ plastic bottles with twist-top caps. Mayo,mustard and ketchup.


ITEM #: CC4000

$39.99   $29.99
The TurboQue Turns a conventional Gas Grill into a convection Grill. As convection air currents move smoke evenly all around food, smoke makes more contact... More

Reusable Steak Button Thermometer

ITEM #: CC4035

$9.99   $5.99
The Stainless Steel Reusable Steak Button Thermometer comes in handy when Grilling Steaks, it registers when steak is Rare, medium and well done. No more... More

Reusable Poultry Button Thermometer

ITEM #: CC4033

$9.99   $5.99
The Stainless Steel Reusable Poultry Button Thermometer comes in handy when Grilling Chicken, it registers when chicken is done. No more guessing.Can be... More

Marinade Injector

ITEM #: CC5034

$9.99   $7.99
The marinade Injector can be used with thinner basting liquids. Two holes at the tip of the Stainless Steel needle distribute marinade in two directions.

Silver 15 Inch Insulated Mitt

ITEM #: CC5031

$9.99   $5.99
Silver 15 Inch Insulated Fabric Mitt. These Mitts are cooking and grilling necessity.

Magnetic Flexible Mini Grill Light

ITEM #: CC5096

The Magnetic Flexible Mini Grill Light firmly attaches to metal surfaces. Battery operated portability for greater convenience. The Flexible wire stem allow... More
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